“very competent and friendly, empathetic.”

“Very happy with my consultation and looking forward to working with Tracey to achieve my goals. Feel very confident and comfortable in the advice and program which she provided me with.”

“This was a great consult with Tracy. She answered all of my questions and sent me a follow-up email with great resources. I'm very satisfied.”

“Amazing service - Tracy was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and had sent me on some great material to read on in order to educate myself further. Couldn't recommend it highly enough”

“Extremely helpful n easy to talk to"

“It was a nice experience and I look forward to receive the finished nutritional plan and our next appointment in 6 weeks. :)"

“Very kind and understanding. I felt I was heard. I will definitely keep going back”

“Great experience, Tracy is very approachable”

“Tracy did follow up very quickly after our appointment"

“My experience is 100% positive. I'm really happy with it and I will set another appointment in the future to check everything is ok.”

“very competent and friendly, empathetic.”

“welcoming & a great service"

“Tracy did everything on her hand to adjust to my schedule to be able to book an appointment. She was friendly, clear with the explanations, and provided me with tips, recommendations and resources to help me to have a better diet. Very professional”

"Was great. Helped me simply understand what I need to do to overcome any food habits. No need for any stringent or unnecessary diet plans. Nice a simple and common sense.”

“Back in November I attended the on-site screening and had my flu jab and also the general health checkup in work.  This was the first time I did the whole thing, normally I just do the flu jab.During this appointment I was told my blood sugar was very high, high enough that they told me I needed to see a doctor straight away. The next day I saw my GP, I had a load of blood tests done and was later told I have Type 2 Diabetes. I was devastated, fortunately the screening service found this before I had any symptoms. When I found out from the GP, I was only given 10 minutes of his time to tell me what to do next, not their fault as that’s all the time they had.I decided to take up the Nutrition Consultation from company. I had my appointment with Tracy and she was incredible. She already knew about the medication I’m on from her experience and what I should do. She gave me a great diet plan to follow and was always available to answer any silly questions I had. I followed the plan, religiously! And this is what happened.My HAB1C (long term blood sugar score) When I found out I had Diabetes (November 2017):  83After 3 months on the diet plan: 41 Yesterday: 39 I’m officially in remission! I no longer have diabetes and no longer need any medication.This has truly saved my life. I can’t thank you enough”

“Everything meets my expectations and you have really good professionals working there"


“As always, very positive.”

“Tracy is brilliant"