Healthy Fast Foods

Many people may feel like its all or nothing when it comes to cooking. Either its make a whole, hearty dinner made from scratch or ..order a takeaway. Its ok to have some convienence foods in your diet, as long as they have some nutritional value. Here are my current go-to foods for fast meals and snacks. 

1. Courgette noodles

Tesco, aldi and lidl have all started supplying vegetable noodles. A great way to bulk out pasta based dishes. 

2. Greek yogurt

Struggling to take in enough protein in your diet? 1 little pot of non fat greek yogurt has 14g of protein (the same as 2 eggs). Sprinkle some cinnamon in or mix in some berries for a health high protein snack

3. Steam fresh vegetables

These are THE best things ever. Simply throw the bag in the microwave and use these vegetables as the base to any dish. 

4. Soy sauce fused range

Soy sauce is a great, easy way to flavour food. The fused range include ginger and garlic flavoured soy sauce. I like to roast broccoli or brussel sprouts with soy sauce for extra flavour. 

5. Pre-made salads

Forget lunch? Before you head to your local deli to grab a into Tesco, grab this salad and top with a can of tuna or cooked slices of chicken. So easy!

6. Wyldsson

These snacks are amazing and great for athletes. Order online and keep in your car/desk drawer for an easy, nutritious snack. Click here for information. 

7. Micro-wave Rice

Make evening meals even easier by using microwave brown rice instead of boiled rice. Its takes 90sec and is a great way to get in some high fiber carbohydrate

8. Cool beans

These beans are from Cork and so good! Use them for breakfast, lunch or dinner for a quick low calorie, high fibre meal.

9. Popcorn

Perfect quick, low calorie snack for night-time snacking

10. Peanut butter

Great way to add some healthy fat, protein and fiber to meals/snacks. 1-2 tablespoons is all you need. 

Hopefully these will help you create healthier fast food!


Posted on March 2, 2017 .