Dont have a snack-cident

Bord Bia recently carried out research into snacking trends in Ireland and the UK which shows the continuing popularity of snacks with 4 in 10 people snacking more often. The younger generation in particular snack more often than their older counterparts. A 2016 Mintel report found that snacking in Ireland is almost universal, with 96 percent of Irish consumers snacking at least once a day.

Before getting into WHAT to eat, its important to think about WHY you are eating? Tuning into your actual hunger cues can take time. Try to listen to your body and not just snack because its 3pm or 11 o clock. If you are hungry-eat, if not..wait until dinner. 

Generally try to keep snacks.. actual snacks. Sometimes snacks turn into meals. 2 slices of thick bread with peanut butter and fruit could be 400-500kcals which can be equivalent to a small meal. 

I generally advise people working at a desk to keep snacks between 0-200kcals. The following snack ideas are low in added sugar, high in protein or fiber and might help you get through your workday without reaching for the treats all the time!


- 1 piece dried mango + 30g nuts (150kcals)

- Protein Naked bar (80-120kcals)

- Carrots with 1 tablespoon low fat hummus (100kcals)

- Dried seaweed (18kcals per pack!!)

- 1 scoop whey + water + banana (150kcals)

- 1 pot low fat greek yogurt + fruit (150kcals)

- 1/2 avocado with sprinkle of pepper and salt 

Download this list for more ideas. 

Posted on May 9, 2018 .