Breakfast= Protein time

I say this nearly everyday but breakfast IS the most important meal of the day!

Think of breakfast as "setting the tone" for the day. A high protein breakfast help you manage blood sugar levels and generally feeling more satiated (full) throughout the day. A high protein breakfast has been shown to help people maintain weight as well as crave less sugary and fatty foods at night. 

In general aim for 20-30g of high quality protein in the morning. Recent evidence shows that ingesting high quality proteins like meat, eggs and whey protein can particularly help with protein synthesis and muscle development due to the fact that they contain leucine. 

Breakfast recipes (high protein)

Breakfast proteins 

Getting in 20-30g at breakfast can be tricky, especially if you are in a habit of eating a slice of toast for breakfast. Sometimes, people hear PROTEIN and they think Irish breakfast...but try to stick to lower fat sources of protein especially if trying to lose/manage weight. In general, I tell people to aim for animals with two legs of less most days (fish, turkey, chicken) and beef/pork/lamb 1-2 per week. Also, remember fruits and vegetables have a teeny tiny bit of protein per serving (usually less than 5g per serving). Legumes offer a more substantial protein amount. Download this protein sheet to help you reach adequate protein intake->  LINK

Posted on June 1, 2017 .