Apps for Dietitians

I am rarely without my phone. Sad, but true! I use it for organising my calendar, tracking my exercise, tracking my finances as well as checking news weather etc. Lately, I have been using it more for work. There are a few apps that have been helpful and I thought I might share in case other RDs are phone-addicts like myself.

1, Nutricare Tools

From what I understand, this app is relatively new. It was released by the Academy of Nutrition in the US. It’s a little pricey at 14euro (probably the most expensive app I have seen) but it offers many evidence based nutrition tools. My favourite tools are the energy calculators as well as the meal planner. I have been using it for patients who want more specific nutrition plans as well as diabetics.

2. Weight Conversion Pack App

Everyone seems to have a different system for tracking their weight these days. Kilograms, pounds or stone. I prefer to deal with kilograms or lbs. However, nearly every consult I’m asked “Whats that in old money?”. These apps help convert their weight quickly and easily.

3. Lose It! App

This app is amazing. Its my go-to recommendation for tracking food and exercise. It only recently was made available in Ireland so definitely try it if you haven't yet. The app makes it very easy to plan meals, save recipes, scan foods, track weight and exercise. I can even friend patients if they feel like they need more support. Friending a patient allows me to see how often they weigh in, or track an activity. It wont show me what foods they ate or their actual weight but I guess it gives patients a higher level of accountability knowing someone is tracking their progress.

4. Honey App

I came across this app online. Its basically instagram for Dietitians. Dietitians can post recipes, tips or new products. You can save items of interest and browse other peoples collections. I like the fact that there is no instagram celebrities and its for RDs only. You know all the tips, products and recipes have science backing them up!

5. The Monash University Low FODMAP Diet App

I see patients for low FODMAP diet on a regular basis. This app comes from Australia, therefore many of the foods wont apply to Ireland. However, Its helpful as a quick check for fodmaps if out and about, especially for fruit and vegetables.

Thats it! My five go-to apps for work. Hope you found it helpful! Please share if you have any favourites of your own.



Posted on May 3, 2016 and filed under Articles.